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Poor value and membership options.
17 October 2015
Reviewer: Bridgette Jones from UK

111 of 211 people found this review helpful

As a reasonably attractive female with realistic expectations I thought paying to join a dating site would mean I met more genuine and thoughtful men. This, along with most dating sites is no more than an ego trip for middle aged deluded men. There's the ego trips with holiday snaps, looking to meet much younger women with the only priority is how slim they are. And there's the podgy and pasty ones, also looking to meet a model. You cannot control who views you, so lonely men sat behind a screen with no photos tend to view and wink at you in the middle of the night. Also there appears to be a lot of men 'just looking for now' so you are paying and they are not fee paying members. To be able to have any control over who can con contact you have to pay extra. My main issue is you don't get much idea of what men are looking for until you buy membership, so you find yourself wasting time view profiles.

In summary, I would not recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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Worst SIte Ever - Avoid It Like The Plague
30 August 2015
Reviewer: A Disgusted Ex Member from London UK

112 of 221 people found this review helpful

I saw some reviews and marketing so expected good things from this dating site. Unlike many, you cannot try it before you buy. I should have guessed why not, but only discovered the reasons once I had paid my subscription. On entering the site, I immediately saw l had been scammed by clever advertising hype. There are differences between marketing and reality but the huge disparity I found there was incredible.

I do not consider this a good dating site. I've used many paid and free dating sites. This is the worst I have ever seen. My experiences there were not positive at all. I include here some examples of things that I discovered on match.com UK.

Overall the site quality was poor. It looked dated, almost unfinished, more like a demo than a working system. The site layout was dreadful and showed distinct lack of proper design. The navigation options I found were quite limited. It frequently hung and ran slowly in most browsers on several different machines and operating systems.

Its search options were deliberately restricted; one has to pay extra for options other dating sites provide as standard. That alone makes it is more expensive. The graphics were very low... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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Problems problems problems
20 September 2014
Reviewer: Bob from London, UK

140 of 234 people found this review helpful

There was a time when Match was excellent. This has been my second subscription.

But this time the site and customer service is continually dreadful.

Firstly, members may not always be getting the full range of people that are suitable. I've been experiencing a serious bug in the search facility which would show up only half the number of people that I can now see (because I've found a ridiculous work-around).

When I did a search and then increased the age range, the number of searches actually DECREASED...! And then when I took off the "with photo" filter the number halved - which can't be right, it should stay the same or go up.

One of the Match team did a test and experienced the same problems. Indeed at one point it told him he had 900 matches, oops and then it decide there were none... Despite this, Match are claiming there is no problem to be fixed.

Then Match has been deleting messages without any interaction from me. I get a notification, I see the message headline - but then some of those messages have simply disappeared, (but the member is still viewable so they've not left the... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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Most women on this site are not genuine
07 July 2014
Reviewer: Itacud from UK

184 of 334 people found this review helpful

Hmmm, my experience - most of the women around my age are looking for younger men to hook up with. The few who I have met were either not genuine in their search for a partner, not really interested in the date - just a free meal and a night out, not representative of their photographs or profile or had other issues.

I have always been open, honest and fair with the women with whom I have communicated. I have not looked for or expected a one night stand. I can hold a reasonably intelligent conversation covering most subjects, am professionally qualified, financially secure with grown up kids and a stable family history (I am a widower with no baggage regarding failed relationships). But boy have I met some women with serious issues, to be frank it's frightening... And this site is no better than any of the others.

I have more or less given up and will save more money, get more satisfaction and better reliability by buying another motorcycle :o)

In summary, I would not recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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Candid advice needed
02 June 2014
Reviewer: Yida from Benin

146 of 303 people found this review helpful

I will be a paid member in few days from now. I already have a free account with match.com. Surprisingly, I have lotz of msgs and views but in that account my location is in glabador while I actually reside in benin republic the reason why it was like this is. I. Initially I thought it will be conflicting having an African location the site pardon ignorance.

2.I wasn't sure I'll get much attentions from members but to my surprise reverse is the case and as a result I Intend to be a full member..so my question is before I pay for the membership service can I still change my location to Africa because it is important to me that I find someone neither do I want misinformation be the foundation and won't it affect my account. Kindly advice.

In summary, I would recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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Wait until you need to leave...
20 March 2014
Reviewer: Moomoo from Norfolk, UK

120 of 250 people found this review helpful

I have recently met someone (not on match.com but through a friend), so thought it best to leave match.com. I rang them up to cancel my automatic subscription but because one payment of £25 has gone form my account I am still liable to pay another £50 for another 6 month subscription which I do not want or need. When I asked whether cancelling my card would mean my credit report would be penalised, they said this would affect my credit rating. Completely out of order.

Plus, when I was actively using the site, I rarely received responses to my messages, and didn't receive many messages from men. Complete waste of time and money.

In summary, I would not recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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Match.com UK active premium member review
08 April 2012
Reviewer: Cool for Cats from Wiltshire, UK

162 of 336 people found this review helpful

I've been with Match.com previously 2 years ago and again recently both with a premium membership. If you dont get a date its possibly because you havent made an effort. I have had many dates from Match and met some lovely women and none have been bad experiences. Just give it a try but unless you put some pics up, I(like many others) will never look at your profile no matter what it says. Generally the photos are very good and you can re-size them as required.
Of course, I have spotted fake profiles (not sure if placed by Match or not) and alerted the Admin who have removed them promptly. To be fair, I think you gotta stump up the dosh to get a chance of getting taken off the shelf. The biggest problem I find is ...motivating myself, but thats another story. If you are reading this, then motivate yourself and do it now.

In summary, I would recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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Match.com uk
07 January 2012
Reviewer: Abby from Perth

195 of 371 people found this review helpful

I joined match after looking at a number of dating sites. Within a month I had a number of men contact me via e-mail and after exchanging messages for a couple of weeks I arranged to met one of them. 7 months later I live with him and we are planning our wedding. I have only had a positive experience and would not have met the man of my dreams if I had not joined. I did have a bit of trouble cancelling my membership. I think you have to be realistic about who you are going to meet. If you keep that in mind you might be as lucky as me.

In summary, I would recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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Match.com - The Best Chance of Success Online!
04 November 2011
Reviewer: Mike J. from London, UK

205 of 399 people found this review helpful

I think some of the user reviews here are very unfair. If you're going to join an internet dating site then first of all you have to accept one simple fact...
No dating site is perfect - they all have their fair share of scammers, timewasters and fake profiles. This is a fact! If you can't accept this fact then there's no point in you joining any dating site on the internet. Just go back to the bar scene!

All dating sites should be reviewed having accepted this fact. Otherwise every dating site on the net would just get zero stars!

If you can accept this, then the next step is to learn to spot the fake profiles posted by scammers and timewasters...
1. If a profile looks too good to be true then it probably is.
2. If the profile pictures are of supermodel men or women and look like they've been taken in a studio then they probably have been and the profile is probably a fake.
3. A main profile pic with no other pics posted and a profile that has hardly any info in it is indicative of a timewaster or scammer.

Learn to spot the scammers and fakes and you'll save... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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