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My Single Friend Review

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If you’ve ever written a self promotion (for a dating site or otherwise) you know how awkward it can be: either you undersell yourself for fear of seeming big headed or you risk coming across sounding arrogant. Either way it’s a difficult thing to write without sounding like a generic stranger or coming across in completely the wrong way. With MySingleFriend.com you no longer need to worry about throwing yourself into the dating world – your friend will do it for you!

What’s really great about this idea is that your friends are able to sell you fully, and probably much more persuasively than you can yourself. So many of the friends on mysinglefriend.com have written brilliant accounts of their friends, emphasising their positive points but without sounding big headed. It adds real flair and intrigue to searching profiles and building your own. And, hey, it’s nice to have someone write nice things about you!

Mysinglefriend.com is easy to use and not complicated by unnecessary features but it could add a few extras. In particular the photos are limited in number, quality and upload options. There’s also no compatibility test, which means you’re pretty much left to make up your mind about a member based on what their friend says about them (until you talk to them yourself, of course!). You can search for members in a basic search or an advanced search which offers most of the criteria daters are interested in (body type, religion, children and so on) and – quite importantly – when members were last logged on. This means you can avoid spending time and effort contacting members who have long since abandoned their profiles, and therefore increase the likelihood of getting a response. You can also block members from your searches if you’re definitely not interested in getting to know them.  Searching brings up a good number of results and the members are often made all the more attractive by their friend’s glowing testimonials. There are no mobile apps for mysinglefriend.com, which is problematic if you’re a phone addict, but not so much of an issue if you want to browse and mail on a computer.

Joining mysinglefriend.com is really easy, though it does require that you ask a friend to write something (hopefully flattering and positive!) about you before your profile is complete.  The profiles are quite fun when they are finished, though it might be nice if they could be personalised with colour schemes and more of an opportunity to write about yourself. Your friends can also recommend members to you, who they think you might want to date, which is a clever idea because your friends know you and the sort of people you like so are probably going to make better recommendations that matching software would. Mysinglefriend.com isn’t the cheapest site out there if you’re only interested in a very short subscription, though the 6 months sign up deal is good value (one of the cheapest available, other than free dating sites).

Mysinglefriend.com is something of a revolution. It’s simple but effective site cuts out the fuss of unnecessary features, whilst adding a massively fun “my friend will tell you about me” element. It’s a relaxed place to be where dates are likely to flourish.

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