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Problems problems problems
20 September 2014
Reviewer: Bob from London, UK

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There was a time when Match was excellent. This has been my second subscription.

But this time the site and customer service is continually dreadful.

Firstly, members may not always be getting the full range of people that are suitable. I've been experiencing a serious bug in the search facility which would show up only half the number of people that I can now see (because I've found a ridiculous work-around).

When I did a search and then increased the age range, the number of searches actually DECREASED...! And then when I took off the "with photo" filter the number halved - which can't be right, it should stay the same or go up.

One of the Match team did a test and experienced the same problems. Indeed at one point it told him he had 900 matches, oops and then it decide there were none... Despite this, Match are claiming there is no problem to be fixed.

Then Match has been deleting messages without any interaction from me. I get a notification, I see the message headline - but then some of those messages have simply disappeared, (but the member is still viewable so they've not left the site. Where are my messages going? Match claims it's not a fault.

When I "hide" a member's profile I expect it to be... well, hidden. Not so as some of them keep popping up.

But today, after someone kindly sent me a wink and I mailed them back, Match has decided to put their profile in the "hidden" section without me knowing. I only discovered by accident.

All of the above issues with my computer / browser? With 4 computers, 3 operating systems and 2 browsers... unlikely, (and of course one of their team experienced exactly the same issues).

And when you complain? Assuming you get someone who sounds awake, they seem to keep no records of conversations, so you have to repeat everything every time you call. No they can't put you through to the person who last dealt with your call. No they don't have details of your last call. No you can't speak to a manager.

Try to email a complaint / problem? You'll get a standard cut-and-paste answer that doesn't even address your issue, and when you write politely back to get the right answer, no reply.

After all this, try to get your money back. Not a chance. The only way is through small claims - which is a ridiculous but necessary avenue if you don't want to just throw money away.

Match used to be king of the hill - but now they're just reeling in the money with a faulty website and poor service.

And now they've got into bed with Meetic, I guess you may expect the same.

AVOID at all costs.

In summary, I would not recommend Match.com UK to a friend.

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