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Love And Friends Review

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Love and friends, some of the best things in life, right? Well the aim of loveandfriends.com is to enhance your circle of friends and potential loves through a fun and light hearted friendship and dating site. Their tagline is “dating for thinking people” and though this isn’t always the case it seems to attract a lot of students and young professionals to its shores. You can also refer your friends, which is quite a neat little feature because if you’re both looking for dates you can compare and contrast notes, as well as feel a little bit less isolated in your exploration.

You’ve probably already noticed that loveandfriends.com is one of the cheapest dating sites around, when the sales are on, which means that you won’t break the bank, even with a year’s subscription. Membership is automatically renewed and billed, so be careful to cancel in time. This is easily done, though, as you can quite simply just click “change to Free Membership” at any time and it’s done. One of the best things about loveandfriends.com is its search capabilities; you can really refine your searches based on a massive range of things, which means that if you’re really only interested in someone with, say, a fascination with Italian food, you can find them. What really is a letdown, however, is the number of results you might get. We did a basic search for someone within 100 miles of our location (a large city) and only got 4 results with photos, and another 6 without photos.

But perhaps you’re not that bothered by people living on your doorstep. After all there are plenty of people in your area maybe you’re looking for something a bit different! Allow your wings to spread a little further and you will have a few hundred profiles to look at from attractive singles in the UK. One way to get to know people you might not otherwise find is through loveandfriends.com’s “not yet tagged” system, in which you’re shown a picture and a few key bits of information about a person, and make a decision as to whether you like them (click “yes”) might be interested in knowing them (click “maybe”) or have no real interest in them (click “no”). Through this loveandfriends.com is able to match you up to people who also like you or might be interested in getting to know you a bit better. It’s a low pressure way of being introduced to members without having to make that first move. Paying members are also able to see who has been viewing their profile and who has added them to their “favourites” list, which is very useful if some members are shy because then the other person will know they’ve been checking them out and can contact them if they feel the same way.

Loveandfriends.com is a fun and well built site that shows promise. Its search functions allow you to find exactly the sort of person you’re after, though it will most probably be the case (if you’re outside of London, it seems) that you may have to think about finding someone who isn’t necessarily in your own town. That said, its membership is growing every week by 500 people so it could be a good idea to get in while the iron is hot  and while the subscription fees are quite low. Build a profile, take a look at people you might be interested and see where it takes you.

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