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Doingsomething.co.uk is doing something...different. It’s a dating website focused around the actual date and making something a bit more unique of it. Once you’ve signed up and added a photo (from your computer or from Facebook) it recommends date ideas or you can broadcast your own date idea and see who is interested in it. It’s a fun idea which lets you relax a little; you won’t just be sat in a dark pub interviewing each other, as a date often is, you could be feeding squirrels or playing ping pong whilst singing. You can also see what sort of dates people in your area are interested in and click a “sounds good” button to let them know that you’d be interested in a date there too. It alleviates a lot of the pressure of dating websites, which often just focus around the profile of the members and so any rejection seems personal. With doingsomething.co.uk you can choose which dates AND which members you like, so it all seems a bit more relaxed.  

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well it is fun to see which dates doingsomething.co.uk will recommend. It doesn’t always quite work out though: doingsomething.co.uk recommended we “dodge the hipsters on Mason and Tyler, get a Brooklyn beer on tap. On tap!” or “ride a cumerbent in Bat-Er.See-Ah”, which unfortunately made absolutely no sense whatsoever to us. Despite denouncing “the pub” as a usual date many of its suggestions were also that we went to the pub and got a particular cocktail or beer. Not really very ‘different’, is it? Probably the best suggestions come from its users, who often seem to have a slightly quirky sense of humour. The profiling system is also quite different from other sites: it’s not overly serious. There is the usual information about sexual preference, smoking habits, location, but also silly little titbits about imagining that you were a fruit.

Doingsomething.co.uk won’t cost you the earth. It’s one of the cheaper sites out there and seems a professional setup. As a member you can also get discounts to a number of events all over the UK, which could save you quite a bit in the long run. The problem is the number of members. A search in a major city with a 10 year age range gave us only two results. Other searches offered a few more but in a completely different part of the UK. Its help section is also virtually non-existent, with a very short guide to the site which doesn’t really offer much assistance. There is a “guarantee”, too, but it only seems to guarantee that they’ve worked really really hard on their website. Not very reassuring. Doingsomething.co.uk is all about meeting up but it might be nice to have a few more functions to allow you to chat beyond text-based messages. After all you don’t want to turn up to an interesting date and find your date wearing a vampire outfit, humming 'Vampire Blues' (unless that was the kind of date that you had planned!)

Doingsomething.co.uk is a fun and energetic site, worth a shot if you can find people in your area and you’re stuck for good dating ideas.

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