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A waste of time and money
24 January 2017
Reviewer: James from UK

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I have been a member of this site twice, having not quite learned my lesson the first time. I put my lack of success the first time down to lack of effort on my behalf, and consequently fell for another 6 month subscription, albeit at the half price special offer rate.

I was aware of the auto-renewal scenario and have been able to cancel the subscription on both occasions without any funds being taken from my account for auto-renewal, so my gripe is not about that, as it has been with so many others.

My gripe relates to the overall futility of attempting to meet anyone on this site.
Without going into great detail, I am not a bad looking guy, am relatively successful and spent a long time completing and modifying my profile, but during the 12 months of membership I did not receive one single reply to any of my emails. Not one. Latterly I resorted to only contacting those who had already been attracted to my profile, but again I never received a single reply. I initially put this down to one of two reasons, 1) I am actually a boring unattractive twat, 2) Most of the people on the website are not paid members and therefore are unable to communicate - which beggars the question why do they bother registering and viewing peoples profiles in the first place?

However, upon recently cancelling my subscription something has happened which has prompted me to believe the whole thing is a SCAM. In the space of 2 days I had over 30 views and was added to 3 peoples favourites. This is more views than I had received in the previous 3 months, and would strongly appear to be a method of tempting me back into the fold. I am of course unable to see who these people are now I am no longer a paid member, but they are all of a different age, and therefore I am led to believe are different people. Quite why I should suddenly become so popular is a very fishy mystery.

Needless to say I wont be revisiting this service.

In summary, I would not recommend Dating Direct to a friend.

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