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Make Friends Online - How to Ruin a Good Site
17 July 2010
Reviewer: Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells from London, UK

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The Make Friends Online of old was a friendly, well run site, fairly moderated by its own members. It had lively and varied message boards, lots of meets (again, organised by the members), and was a real online community where members could find friendship, advice, support, lots of laughs, lively debates and, last but not least, the opportunity to meet like-minded people if you so wished.

Sadly, none of that holds true under its new ownership. The promises made to keep loyal members on their old payment packages were broken. Strikes and bans are administered in the most bizarre fashion (though people who have been banned have subsequently been invited to rejoin, providing they pay the, in some cases, 500% increase in membership fees). The online accounts facility was removed without notice. It's almost impossible to contact the administrators if you have a query or complaint, and it appears that the only way to get your profile deleted is to threaten legal action. Of course it pays them to keep dead profiles on the site to inflate the membership figures.

Non-paying members can no longer view the message boards (though they've all but died so there's nothing to see anyway) but they can contact paying members. They used to be able to do this with brief automated messages only. This system is open to abuse, with many more visa-seekers, spammers and one night stand merchants now able to contact genuine and decent people with impunity.

In effect, those who pay their vastly inflated fees are subsiding those who don't pay and never will because (a) they can't see the boards in order to make an informed decision as to whether they'd like to join in or not and (b)they can use it as just another free 'dating' (I use the word loosely) site.

To put it in a nutshell, I'd advise anyone looking for a good, value for money site with efficient customer service to steer well clear of this one.

In summary, I would not recommend Make Friends Online to a friend.

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