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5 Ways to Improve Your Profile on UK Dating Websites

When it comes to online dating, your profile page is your main tool for attractive potential dates. It allows you to share information on what’s important to you, and who you’re hoping to meet, as well as giving members a glimpse into your life, looks and more. We’ve explored hoards of UK dating websites, so have a few pieces of advice to share about how to improve your profile page…


1: Add photos

Although there are some members who actively seek out others without photos, we generally recommend adding photos to your profile page. They don’t need to show every bump and curve if you’d rather keep that private (some sites will allow you to build a secret photo album which you can then share once you trust someone), but photos are an engaging way of showing someone a little about yourself. Holiday snaps or even pictures of you playing sports, out with the pets or friends, or something else entirely, will reveal a little clue about the sort of person you are, and hopefully entice people to take a deeper look.


2: Complete your profile

At best, an incomplete profile just looks a bit lazy. At worst, it might cause people to think that you don’t really use the site, or don’t really care about finding a date. If you leave massive blanks on “interests and hobbies”, it could be safe to assume that you simply don’t have any, and perhaps you’ll then come across as boring. Don’t do this! Finish your profile, talk about what excites you in life, and allow other members to flock towards you based on their mutual enthusiasm.


3: Tick boxes, but be honest

Many UK dating sites will use algorithms to match you to other members. This data will often include information which you chose during your profile’s creation (remember all those tick-boxes? Yes, those). So, make sure you’re ticking as many boxes as you can, to better reflect your interests. Then, you’ll be matched with more members who also share those hobbies. That said, we don’t think it’s a good idea to lie about these things; after all, would you want to go on a date with someone who loved ponies, if you have a fear of everything equestrian?


4: Complete the written sections

We often see huge blank sections on profile pages, and it’s a big mistake to make. Although the written answers on your profile page might not help you to be matched with other members, people do actually bother to read the written responses. They’re one of the best ways to show your personality because they don’t rely on algorithms and pre-set choices, you can write whatever you like and get your voice out there. Some sites even allow you to write blog posts or diary entries, which are also an interesting way to share your thoughts on life.


5: Add videos and bling up your page

Personalisation options and video uploads are slightly less common options on UK dating sites, but your site may offer them as part of your package. If so, why not take advantage of them? Uploading a welcome video is a really personal way of greeting someone who clicks on your profile page, and it may encourage them to stick around to keep reading. Meanwhile, a few aesthetic decoration choices (such as background images, emoticons, stickers, music samples and more) can help you to stand out from the crowd.


The lowdown…

There’s plenty you can do to help improve your UK dating profile page, and therefore draw more members to your account. Completing your profile with tick-box options to help with matching, photos to show off your best traits, and written segments to give your personality a chance to shine, are all useful. If your UK dating website also allows you to pimp up your page with videos and other widgets, these can be a great boon in your journey to find dates. So, don’t let that profile sit there incomplete, have at it!

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