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5 Top Tips for Online Dating in the UK

It’s no secret that there are lots of single people in the UK who are looking for dates. Just take a look at how many dating sides and singles events there are, and you’d not be mocked for thinking that the UK is awash with single people. So, why doesn’t that necessarily translate to landing dates online, through UK dating websites? Well, if you’re struggling to find a UK date online, or are about to begin the adventure, we’ve a few top tips to share…


1: Check your local area

This might sound obvious, but it’s worth checking your search settings and making sure that you’ve entered your location correctly. Some sites could automatically set your location as the nearest major city, but perhaps you live on the outskirts or in a small town down the road. You can also adjust the radius you’re willing to date within, as a UK dating site might find you dates from all over the UK, even though you have no intention of travelling hundreds of miles for a candlelit dinner.


2: Build a complete profile

UK dating sites look at your interests and preferences (emotional, physical and social) to help match you to other members. As such, if your profile page is incomplete, they don’t have the necessary information required to match you to other members. Additionally, if your profile is incomplete, other members might not have a good idea as to whether or not you’d be a good date for them. Provide as much information as you can on your profile, and list as many interests and preferences as you have, because this will increase your hit-rate with potential matches.


3: Have a sense of humour

The Brits are famed for their sense of humour and, frankly, nobody (well, okay, maybe some people) likes a misery guts when they’re looking for dates. Dating is meant to be fun, you’re meant to feel good about yourself and excited to meet up, so moaning about your woes or being humourless, is unlikely to make people want to get to know you in more depth. We’re not saying everything has to be full of rainbows and fairies, but venting online is often not seen as an attractive quality, whereas sharing a joke is a good way to connect with someone.


4: Join the community

Aside from searching for members and sending private messages, it’s a great idea to meet like-minded people on forums and in group chats. These areas provide a space for you to talk about your interests, share ideas and have a good time with a variety of members, some of whom you might not have initially thought to date. It’s a low-pressure situation in which ‘dating’ might be secondary on the agenda, but through which you could meet plenty of friends and potential dates. So, take a look at your UK dating site’s community features, and get involved.


5: Don’t just pick the short-term

Long-term contracts might seem imposing, and most people hope they’d find a date or ten quite quickly. However, you might end up paying much more, especially on a month-by-month basis, if you only opt for the short-term options. Many experienced online daters might take a while to decide whether or not to meet up in person (they’ve probably been on a lot of dates by the time you arrived on the scene) and so they want to make sure they’re not wasting their time, ahead of meeting. So, your search may take a little longer than you expect. Also, longer-term contracts usually come with added benefits (extra features, discounts, perks), so it’s definitely worth considering them instead.


The lowdown…

If you’re looking for dates from the UK online, we recommend going in with an open mind. Build a decent profile page, for starters, and adjust your settings to find people in your area. Whilst some people do find their ideal partner quickly, others take longer, and we recommend considering a longer-term contract to improve your odds and provide more options over time. Also, take a look around the site and talk to people based on common interests, staying positive where you can. All going well, you should have one or two dates lined up in no time!

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