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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Using a UK Dating Site

UK dating websites can be fun, exciting places to meet like-minded single people in the UK. However, there are a few mistakes we see again and again, made by new members and old-hats alike. In a bid to help you avoid those mistakes, here are a few handy tips…


1: Choosing the wrong site

One of the first and most vital mistakes members make, is choosing the wrong dating site for them. If you’re looking to meet people in London, for example, why not opt for a UK dating site which specialises in that? If you’re looking to meet professional singles, or more artistic people, why not look for a site which bears that in mind? Performing a few advanced searches, selecting your most preferred qualities in a partner, and then comparing the results across your favourite dating sites, would be a good way to make this decision.


2: Showing off, or being too shy

Okay, it’s a bit of a generalisation, but Brits tend not to like people who brag about themselves. At best, it might be a bit annoying, at worst it can totally put potential dates off. Yes, sell yourself, talk about what you enjoy and even what you’re good at, but we think it’s wise to be wary of too much bravado. In a similar sense, bring so shy that you never approach other members, probably isn’t the best way to meet people. You don’t need to post lots of revealing photos or write diary entries, or even say reams and reams on your profile page – a few simple details and the occasional friendly message are good ways to get a response from members you like the look of.


3: Choosing the cheapest option

New members quite often pick the shortest contract available, under the impression that they will find a date quickly, or give up. But it’s a good idea to take a look at all your options. Why not consider a slightly longer contract, which will probably not cost a lot more, and take advantage of the extra benefits it provides (more time to find someone, and potentially a few other perks). Finding your ideal date might not happen immediately, and if you keep jumping ship after one month then you might never find them, and may spend more time and money doing so in the process.


4: London-centric sites

Through intention or not, some UK dating sites end up being London-heavy when it comes to their membership. This is great if you live in London or don’t mind travelling there a lot, but it’s not ideal if you are looking for dates outside of the capital. It can be difficult to detect how London-leaning a dating site is, because most UK dating sites will have a large population of members in London, but a good tip is to check the forums and events calendars. Are there any singles meet-up sessions going on near you? If so, you’re probably safe using the site. If everything seems to be in London, you may want to move along.


5: Not uploading photos

We understand that not everyone wants their image to be online, and if you’re one of these people then that’s absolutely fine. However, uploading a photo will mean your profile page appears in more searches (because members often click the search option: “photo-profiles only”). So, even uploading a picture of your favourite pet, a mountainside of an artistic snap of yourself, will help to boost the attention you receive. If you’d still rather not upload photos, all’s not lost because some members actively seek others who don’t upload their picture, and you can later share images privately if you prefer.


The lowdown…

Choosing the right UK dating site isn’t always easy, and there are several key mistakes you can make along the way. Looking for members and events in your location is one way to avoid sites which aren’t set up for your locale, and completing your profile (with photos) should help other members to find you. Meanwhile, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one for everyone, and being too brash (or too quiet) might not get you the kind of attention you want. It’s not a complicated system really, though. Find a site with members you like the look of, enjoy yourself, and see how your dating life evolves…

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