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3 Ways to Save Money when Using UK Dating Websites

Dating’s an old game, and it’s getting no cheaper. With swanky wine bars, expensive cinema tickets and potentially hard economic times ahead for the UK, we’re sure you’d like to save a few pounds and pence when it comes to online dating. So, we’ve compiled a few top tips to help you save money when using UK-based online dating websites…


1: Wait for a sale, choose a package option

Everyone loves a bargain, don’t they? Dating is unlikely to be cheap as chips (unless you take your date to the chippy) but there are certain sales and package options which can help to save you some cash. In all honesty, most UK dating sites offer discounts throughout the year, but if you keep your eyes peeled then you’ll discover than certain periods offer more competitive discounts. For example, around Christmas and St Valentine’s Day, when dating website teams know that people are more likely to be looking for love. Another option is to carefully consider which package option you choose. Generally, the longer the contract, the cheaper it will become on a month-by-month basis. There are a few upgrades which you might need to pay for separately, but we recommend considering whether or not you’ll truly use them before opting to pay for them.


2: Earn credits

Some UK dating websites will use a credit system. This means you won’t pay a monthly fee, but will instead buy bundles of credits. Sending a message might cost a credit, using webcam chat might cost 3 credits, for example. This means you have quite a lot of control over how much you’re spending on the site, but that it can become expensive if you use the site’s features a lot. If you choose a credit-based UK dating website, you might wish to look for any bundle offers, or any ways to earn free credits. Inviting your friends to join the site is usually one way to win credits, which you can then spend however you please. There might even be competitions which allow you to win credits, so take a look around. Our view is that credits can work out if you don’t use a site’s features too frequently, but sometimes it’s better value in the long run to pay for monthly membership (especially if you plan on messaging a lot).


3: Free / low cost dating sites

If you’re really struggling to pay for online dating, or would rather spend your money on something else, you might want to consider a free dating website. There aren’t that many of them, the features can be a bit limited and you may not get as much quality control, but it’s free! Another option lies somewhere between mainstream sites and free sites, whereby you can use a low cost dating site. Sometimes these are good options because the membership numbers aren’t quite so high, so you have less competition. But that can come with its own drawbacks too. If you’re interested in sending lots of messages and really getting involved on a UK dating site, though, you’ll probably want to choose a membership plan which suits your needs. Looking for sales is a good idea, and you might even be able to get a discount if you invite your friends to join you.


The lowdown…

Using UK dating websites isn’t usually an expensive experience, but if you’re really struggling to make ends meet then you have a few options. Free sites exist if you don’t mind a slightly more haphazard experience, or you can opt for a low-cost option which suits your budget. Alternatively, credit-based sites allow you to control how much you spend, and you can earn free credits quite easily.

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